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If you are a potential MARDA client looking for a property manager in Windsor, you are in the right place! Our company is led by our President & CEO, Marla Coffin, who is well versed in the industry.  Should you become a MARDA client, we will be able to provide you with tools and resources that you may need through your online owner portal. This portal offers you access to important documents, such as your monthly rent rolls and the maintenance details of your property.

Keeping a rental property up to your standards, especially in your absence, is a commitment requiring time, market knowledge, strong communication skills and good judgment. A property manager takes the anxiety out of the process and makes property investment very easy.

Whether you are an individual property investor or own multiple properties, MARDA Management Inc. will show vacant units, screen tenants, as well as properly assess tenant qualifications, sign leases, collect rent and deposit in the owners' bank account, conduct move in and move out inspections, provide a place for tenants to report emergencies - no matter what time of day it is, field tenant complaints and maintenance concerns, convey the ever-changing landlord and tenant legislation, and closely follow local market trends that ultimately affect your investment.

MARDA Management Inc. is essentially the "eyes and ears" of investors who are looking to ensure the success of their rental-property ownership in Windsor.  We work closely with the owners to ensure their goals are met and expectations attained.  We place a high emphasis on communication with not only the owner, but also with the tenant.  We work diligently to ensure that the tenant experience is a positive one and to service the tenants' needs effectively.  By doing so, we are fortunate enough to gain loyalty among our renters who in turn look to rent from us at various locations if the one they are in no longer meets their needs.  It is absolutely critical to provide solid service, as it is challenging enough in a city with a vacancy rate below 4% to obtain new tenants - it is thus imperative to retain the good tenants we already have.    

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